FORii Inc. (hereinafter “the company”) establishes a Privacy Policy as follows. This Privacy Policy stipulates the policies the company follows when using and managing personal information as the company run this website or other businesses of the company’s. The company believe that, in order that you can use our services with a sense of security, it is of outmost importance that the company observes the laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, and thoroughly abide by properly collecting, using and managing it within the company.
1.Definition of Personal Information
The personal information described in this Privacy Policy is information the company keep, such as subscriber ID, name, sex, e-mail address, telephone number, address, nickname, pen name, date of birth, occupation, post, credit-card information, or buying history; and using one of which or a combination of two or more of which may identify a specific individual.
2.Use of Personal Information
The company may use personal information for the purposes set forth below. You may provide the company with your personal information at your discretion. However, please note that if you do not provide your personal information, it is possible that you might not be able to use the company’s services.
(1) To manage subscribers or users
(2) To sell a product, right, digital content, or service (including a financial product; hereinafter the “Product”) of the company’s or a third party’s (including conclusion of a service provision contract; the same will apply hereafter)
(3) To conduct of a campaign, prize program or a survey
(4) To simplify the membership registration process for using our services or that of our subsidiary requiring such registration
(5) To notify matters necessary to the management of this website (including via e-mail)
(6) To conduct advertisements, promotions, or solicitations for our or third party’s Product (including via e-mail)
(7) To send an e-mail newsletter
(8) To process packaging and shipping tasks related to a Product
(9) To calculate charges and fees and/or to process billing services
(10) To provide a points accumulation service, coupons or mileage (hereinafter “Points”)
(11) To post information given by a subscriber or user
(12) To handle various inquiries or post-sale costumer support
(13) To study or analyze marketing data or to develop a new service
(14) To prepare statistical data to provide a group company (*) or business partner
(15) To exercise a right or to perform an obligation, under an agreement or law
(16) To study a business partnership
3.Credit Card Information
Concerning the acquisition by the company of your credit card information (holder’s name, card number and expiry date), the purpose, acquirer, destination, and retention period of it are as follows:
(1) Purpose of use
To settle payment on a product or service purchased
(2) Acquirer of Information
Privacy Information Protection Officer of FORii, Inc.
(3) Destination of Information
Issuing company, its member or partner of credit-card you use
(4) Retention period
Ten years or less from the time you settle your payment
4. Contract Conclusion with Contractor
We may entrust to the company’s contractor a part of the handling of personal information to the extent necessary for the implementation of contracted business after having concluded an agreement regarding information security, which contains nondisclosure clauses; however, such contractor shall never use or provide personal information for any purpose other than implementation of the contracted task.
5.Management of Personal Information
The company position a Chief Privacy Officer in the department responsible for managing personal information. This officer is in charge of guidance regarding proper management of personal information.
FORii, Inc.
Nobuhiro Oga, CEO
6.Provision of Personal Information
The company protect personal information properly and never disclose or provide it without your consent in a manner that identifies a specific individual, except in cases permitted under the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and regulations.
7.Joint Use of Personal Information
1. The company, the company’s parent company or group and subsidiary companies (*) may jointly use the personal information defined in Article 1 for the use purposes set forth in Article 2. Scope of the subsidiary companies jointly using it, management officer, and personal information jointly used are as otherwise provided.
※About our parent company or group and subsidiary companies (*) jointly using personal information, management officer, and personal information jointly used. No subsidiary company is jointly using personal information (as of Mar. 23, 2017).
2. The company may use the personal information defined in Article 1 jointly with the following business partners. Scope of the business partners jointly using it, management officer, and personal information jointly used are as otherwise provided.
※About business partners jointly using personal information, management officer, and personal information jointly used
No business partner is jointly using personal information (as of Mar. 23, 2017).
When you provide personal information through this website, the company encrypt your personal information using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)—cryptographic method used industry-wide—in order to protect your personal information from unauthorized access by a third party. Striving to ensure security, the company protects personal information using SSL encrypted communication, if the company judges that such information requires encryption. Personal information is strictly controlled under the management standard established by the company; the company takes measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leak or viral infection of personal information, by setting up a firewall or maintaining antivirus measures.
This website uses a technology called cookies. The use of cookies is a mechanism that temporarily stores specific information as data on your communication device and identifies you based on this data every time you access this website. Our services are provided premised on the use of cookies. Therefore, if you do not permit the use of cookies, you may be unable to access a parts of our services. You can choose whether to permit the use of cookies by setting up your browser. Please check your settings when needed.
10. Information Provision to Business Partner and Link
The company is not responsible for the use of with the use of personal information collected independently from the company by the company’s business partner or on a website linked from this website (e.g., on website or in service of a third party accessible through this website).The company does not bear any responsibility whatsoever for rules or activities of such business or website independent from us. Please check privacy policy of respective website.
11.Disclosure, Correction or Deletion of Personal Information
The company responds to a request for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, erasure, halt the use, or provision to a third party, or notice of use purpose of personal information, in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Law. The personal information to be disclosed is as stipulated in Article 1. However, if a request does not meet requirements under the Personal Information Protection Law or JIS Q 15001, the company may be unable to respond to your request.
12.Contact for Request for Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information
When you request disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, erasure, halt in use, or provision to a third party of personal information, please enter the necessary information in the designated claim note as separately stipulated by the company, and send by post the identity verification documents to the company’s Customer Inquiries Contact for Personal Information. As for a request for disclosure, please enclose the designated fee and postage.Reception Counter: Customer Inquiries Contact for Personal Information at FORii, Inc.2-4-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0003
13.Reception of Request for Notice of Use Purpose of Personal Information
If you wish to receive a notice of use of the purpose of personal information, please contact<
14.Privacy Policy Update
The company may revise this Privacy Policy in accordance with changes in laws and regulations or as needed in order to ensure the protection of personal information. In this case, the company will post the latest Privacy Policy on this website.
15.Feedback, Complaints, or Objections regarding FORii’s Privacy Policy
Please contact the company’s Inquiry Counter for any questions and inquiries about the Privacy Policy or the handling of personal information.
* Group and Subsidiary Companies (as of Mar. 23, 2017)